"Care for me and I'll shine for you"

Congratulations with your new purchase. We hope you will love and care for your new jewellery for years to come.

Jewellery is made of natural occurring minerals and need care like any other natural material.

When not worn, air will cause the silver to oxidise and darken. When worn, touch will keep your jewellery shiny and bright but left in a drawer or jewellery box, the jewellery will change color. This can be gently polished with a silver cloth or dipped in a silver cleaning solution. Fluid silver solutions should be used only on plain silver pieces as this type of cleaning can harm the surface of plated jewellery. If used on gold plated silver items, only dip the piece shortly, rinse in warm water end gently dry with a soft cloth.

When storing your pieces the best advise is to keep your jewellery in a air tight zip lock bag.

Oxidised, rhodium- or gold plated finish will eventually wear of because of wear, acids in the skin and everyday use.

Avoid showering, swimming or in other ways getting your jewellery wet and allways carry them in a protective case with a soft interior. Keep your jewellery out of contact with any form of chemicals, including lotions, shampoo and soap and hair products.

We can offer to brush up the finish, giving your piece new life at an individual price. Please contact us for inquiries.