Size charts

Here you will find helpfull information about

determining the correct size of rings and

bracelets/bangles and lengths of necklaces.


1. Rings

2. Necklaces

3. Bracelets and bangles 

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Find your ring size

Here are a few helpfull ways to determine your ring size if you already have a ring available in the correct size. If you do not have an ring at hand, please go to the "Measuring your ring size" section below. 

1. Print the Ring Size Chart - Ensure your printer is set to 100% and/or do not scale.
Download here

2. A very simpel method is to place the ring on a ruler and measure the inside diameter, from one side to the other. 

Diameter Size
 14,1 44
14,3 45
14,7 46
14,9 47
15,3 48
15,7 49
16 50
16,3 51
16,7 52
16,9 53
17,2 54
17,5 55
17,9 56
18,1 57
18,6 58
18,8 59
19,2 60
19,4 61
19,7 62
20,2 63
20,4 64
20,8 65
21 66
21,4 67
21,7 68
22 69
22,3 70

Measuring your ring size without a ring at hand

You can measure the circumference of your finger with a measuring tape. Make sure it's not to tight or to loose. It is a simple but also somewhat precarious method and not my recommended approach. 

The best and most accurate method would be to get your ring size measured at a jewellery store or gold smiths. 

You can also order this low cost and simple measuring tool by sending an email to




See the Illustration below to select the right length of chain for you.
Remember to take the pendants length into account when layering necklaces.
Send me an email at if you need more guidance in choosing the right length. 




1. Open armring
2. Closed armring
Open armring
To find the correct size of an open armring or bangle, simply measure the circumference of your wrist. 

14-15 cm = S
16-17 cm = M
17-20 cm = L

Closed armring
Use the same approach as with the open armring but add 2 cm to the measured circumference.
16-17 cm = S
18-19 cm = M
20-22 cm = L